Jewellery Care & Maintenance


Your jewellery is delicate and sensitive, requiring careful handling and attention. The materials used in their composition make them susceptible to factors that can diminish their brilliance and alter their colour over time.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid exposing your jewellery to certain elements such as heat or water. Prolonged sun exposure can cause changes in stone colours, and excessive contact with water, whether salty, chlorinated, or even fresh, can damage and tarnish a piece.

Just as natural elements are not favorable to your jewellery, they also react negatively to chemical substances found in perfumes, creams, and other cosmetic products. To minimize contact and preserve their shine, it is best to wear your jewellery after ensuring your skin is dry following the application of such products.

Furthermore, it is recommended to refrain from wearing your jewellery during activities, especially physical ones, that may expose them to potential damage from elements or result in scratches or impacts.

As a general guideline, it is advisable to store your jewellery in their original cases when not in use, away from humidity, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemical substances.

Pearls require special care compared to other materials. Since pearls are organic, they need to be worn regularly to maintain their brilliance. It is also recommended to store them in close proximity to a humidity source. Just like pearls, even though they are not organic, opals also require a moist environment, without too much light, to prevent the possibility of cracking.

Finally, despite being considered the hardest material, diamonds can still cause damage to each other. Therefore, one must be mindful when storing and wearing diamond jewellery to ensure the diamonds to not touch. For example, it is important to exercise caution while stacking Merveilles rings or wearing multiple diamond jewellery pieces. One should not play with them, moving and twisting them together as any strong friction between diamonds can cause scratching/chipping.

Fortunately, Boghossian jewellery is known for its durability and resistance, and you can be sure to restore their brilliance through gentle cleaning methods.


Merveilles & Diamonds

Cleaning your Merveilles Collection pieces or any diamond jewellery is remarkably simple. All you need to do is soak the jewels in soapy water and gently remove any remaining dirt using a soft brush.

If you wear your jewellery daily, it is recommended to perform this cleaning process at least once a week to ensure your diamonds maintain their brilliant shine.


Over time and with exposure to dirt and chemical substances, pearls tend to become stained and lose some of their natural radiance and brightness.

Although it is not advisable to fully immerse pearl necklaces in water, you can use lukewarm water with soap and a soft brush to delicately clean around the pearls. Afterwards, gently tap them dry with a clean towel.


Among the variety of gemstones available, you can find precious ones like Ruby, Sapphire, as well as semi-precious stones such as Paraibas, Aquamarines, Morganites, Tourmalines, Citrine, Prasiolite, Amethyst, Spinel, Rubellite, or even Jade.

Like diamonds, these stones should be soaked in soapy water and carefully cleaned with a soft brush to maintain their brilliance and vibrant colours.


For all hardstones and emeralds, the task of cleaning is recommended to be entrusted to one of our specialists at Boghossian boutique or with a professional.

Yellow, White, and Rose Gold

Due to regular wear, gold can develop slight tarnishing caused by corrosive elements like sweat, chlorine, saltwater, and more.

To clean your gold jewellery effectively, use a lukewarm soap cleaning solution and gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush.

Rinse it in clean water and dry it with a lint-free cloth or towel.


When it comes to your jewelry crafted with carbon fibers, it is advisable to refrain from using creams, soaps, and exposing them to moisture, except when it is necessary to clean them.

When grooming these pieces, it is recommended to utilize soapy water along with a cloth or fabric to gently rub and dry them.

If you have any questions or would like to have your Boghossian jewellery examined, please feel free to visit one of our boutiques in Geneva, London, Monaco, Hong Kong or Gstaad.

Note for all cleaning, if you do not feel comfortable to clean it yourself, please seek a professional or your nearest Boghossian boutique.