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Following the Manuscript Bracelet, Boghossian proudly unveils four unique jewels of rich inspiration and similar technical prowess.

Iznik Rouge & Vert

The city of Iznik possesses a remarkable testimony of cultural, architectural and artistic masterpieces by the greatest Empires.

From the 15th Century onward, pottery in the town flourished as a result of royal patronage. The femininity and elegance of the flowing and intertwined leaves and flowers were seemingly made for jewellery design.

Such challenging work deserves only the finest stones and the serendipitous arrival of a parcel of old mine Burmese Rubies and an exquisite flower shaped Emerald decided the colour scheme - we would create Iznik Rouge and Iznik Vert.


The Safavid Empire, founded in the 16th Century, is considered to be the most glorious period of modern-day Iran.

One of the things the illuminators of the Safavid court were famed for was the inventive way in which they divided up and spaced their borders. Similarly - a sumptuous Midnight Blue Burmese Sapphire has been given an antique Mother of Pearl border of tremendous intricacy. Calligraphic corner elements complete the design, reiterated again in the woven oriental pearl bands.


The last of the carpet bracelets was called Andalusia after the name given to the Iberian Peninsula by its Muslim rulers during the Middle Ages.

The most enduring influence of Islamic art can be found in their decorative architectural tilework or azulejos.

The bracelet was inspired by a visit to the wonderful Azulejos Museum in Lisbon and tries to capture the multi-levelled and interlocking geometric shapes from these tiles, interpreted here with White Jadeite and Yellow Diamonds.