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Kissing Exclusive Event in Hong Kong

Last October, we were proud to unveil the latest pieces from our signature Kissing Collection, during an immersive showcase in the heart of Central Hong Kong and on a journey of wonders inspired by Mother Nature’s own incredible hues. As every memorable experience begins with an exhilarating moment, a revelation had overflown each sense witnessing how the seemingly impossible has finally been created. Four chapters paid homage to the four core elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire - each of which is embodied at different parts of the historic Silk Road.

We also presented pieces from the latest Coral Reef line, showcasing exquisite jewels that pay tribute to the vibrant organism that thrive on the seabed. The Kissing setting technique sees two gemstones embrace one other, held in a delicate dance. The result of expert and innovative craftsmanship, each stone is selected to complement and enhance the other’s colour and beauty.