Shine - Light Green Tourmaline and Rock Crystal Pendant

18 Karat yellow gold

7,400.00 CHF incl. VAT

Product Details

Inlay Collection - Shine
Inlay Shine pairs faceted gems together as one, creating a splendid blend of light and colour. This technique reveals all the subtlety of the Art of Inlay. Stones that sublimate and sparkle.

- One pear-shaped light green tourmaline 1.65 carats
- One pear-shaped rock crystal 5.75 carats
- Small brilliant diamonds 0.35 carats
- 18 Karat yellow gold


Fun Facts
- Green Tourmaline: October's birthstone, with its vibrant hue and exceptional transparency, symbolizing renewal and vitality. Characterized by its rich green colour, these gemstones are widely admired for their beauty and versatility.

- Rock Crystal: The purest form of quartz, is transparent and colourless, deriving its name from the Greek word "krustallos", meaning 'ice'.

These contemporary creations revive an ancient craft – the Art of Inlay - paying homage to the stylised floral motifs of Mughal art.