Reveal - Morganite and Pink Opal Earrings

18 Karat rose gold

18,200.00 CHF incl. VAT

Product Details

Inlay Collection - Reveal
Inlay Reveal embodies a captivating fusion of ancient artistry and modern innovation, where an enigmatic opaque hardstone delicately conceals a dazzling, faceted coloured gemstone at its heart. Inspired by the elegant floral motifs of Mughal art, these contemporary creations pay a profound tribute to a rich cultural heritage. 

- Two oval-shaped morganites 3.79 carats
- Eight pear-shaped morganites 0.66 carats
- Two oval-shaped pink opals 27.46 carats
- Small brilliant diamonds 0.33 carats
- 18 Karat rose gold


Fun Facts
- Morganite: June's birthstone, with its delicate pink hue that evokes sentiments of purity and sweetness, represents gentle affection and love.

- Pink Opal: Renowned for its delicate pink hues, this stone has a rich historical significance and is cherished in diverse cultures. It is closely linked with Libras born in October, symbolizing serenity and elegance.

Each piece is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, with gemstones painstakingly carved by skilled lapidarists to fit together seamlessly.