Kissing - Diamond, Tourmaline and Chalcedony Bangle

18 Karat white gold

Product Details

Kissing Collection - Coral Reef
The Coral Reef line pays tribute to the vibrant organisms that thrive on the seabed, hidden from view like the precious gems within the earth's crust. Audacious colour contrasts call to mind the mesmerising hues of subaquatic life.

- Nine cushion-shaped diamonds 10.64 carats, 9 GIA certificates
- Eight fancy-shaped blue-green tourmaline 81.65 carats
- Sixteen pear-shaped cabochon chalcedony 81.25 carats
- Eighteen cushion-shaped diamonds 6.74 carats
- Eight emerald-cut tanzanite 11.63 carats
- Small brilliant diamonds 3.99 carats
- 18 Karat white and rose gold

BRTD 00152

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The Kissing technique is a signature of our Maison. Two precious gems appear to embrace in a delicate dance, each one chosen to complement and enhance the other’s colour and beauty.