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Silk Collection

We invite you on a journey to distant lands while unravelling our collection like a silk thread: one that ties back to Boghossian’s family history while brushing through great cultures of the East and West.

The Road of Silk

The collection represents a metaphorical tale of these meetings of minds and cultures along the Silk Road. While brocades, precious stones, bronze, spices and fur made up for an important part of trade, nothing equaled silk: light and precious, coveted across empires and continents wide and far. We searched across the world for the most unusual and precious gemstones to best represent the essence of each city.

The Intricacy

With the Silk Collection, the Maison was inspired to interpret the art of ancient silk weavers into jewellery. The designs of the pieces had to stay true to the excellence of this ancient Chinese craftsmanship, which in turn challenged the fortitude of our most skilled lapidaries. The results of these efforts are evident in our finished pieces: metal, hardstones and gemstones stream together seamlessly in an intricate tapestry of brilliance and colour. 

The Inspiration

We pay tribute to this fascinating history with the Silk Collection, each of the high jewellery sets paying homage to key cities along this intricate network of roads. Each set was inspired by a masterpiece of silk weaving or art from these enchanting cities.