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Emerald and Diamond Double Riviere

November 2020 - Sold for $7 M

Determined to create a one-of-a-kind piece to rival history’s greatest emerald jewels, for four years Albert Boghossian selected the finest, rarest stones. When he finally amassed a collection of twenty-eight natural, untreated and perfectly colour-matched emeralds, creative director Edmond Chin designed a majestic necklace to showcase their beauty. With signature elegance and simplicity, the double riviere necklace displayed this extraordinary collection of cushion-cut and emerald-cut emeralds, 117.6 carats in total, alongside 59.40 carats of fine diamonds and green jadeite.

It surpassed the highest ever price for a "No-Oil" emerald necklace, a record previously held by Boghossian’s Palmette Necklace.

The Manuscript Bracelet

May 2018 - Sold for $4.5 M

The Manuscript Bracelet is a superb demonstration of Boghossian’s unique combination of rare gemstones, artistic design and innovative, impeccable craftsmanship. Albert Boghossian collected the rare green, blue, pink, orange, yellow and violet diamonds, knowing that one day they would make a masterpiece. Edmond Chin encountered the Waldburg Prayerbook, a richly decorated 15th-century manuscript that inspired the ornate, feminine design. It took Boghossian’s specialist ateliers 18 months to assemble the intricate bracelet, calling on cutting-edge craftsmanship so that the stones appear to float on top of one another, their settings almost invisible.

The bracelet achieved a world record as the most expensive coloured diamond bracelet ever auctioned.

The Palmette Necklace

May 2017 - Sold for $6 M

The Palmette necklace is testament to Boghossian’s gemstone expertise, creative artistry, and, above all, patience. Over several years the family amassed a collection of natural, untreated Colombian emeralds. Boghossian displayed them all together in a spectacular necklace inspired by the beautiful city of Palmyra. Eleven perfectly matched, no-oil Colombian emeralds form eleven ornate palmette motifs, complemented by fine colourless diamonds. The first time a piece of such calibre had appeared at auction.

The necklace broke a world-record price for a "No-Oil" Emerald necklace; a record that Boghossian later surpassed.

The Crimson Flame

December 2015 - $18 M

The Boghossian family came across this precious gem in Asia in 2000. Rated 9 out of 10 for its vivid pigeon’s blood colour, the unheated Mogok ruby was already an outstanding gem. Working with a highly skilled lapidarist, the Maison recut and perfected it, resulting in a 15.04 carats stone of unsurpassed beauty. The natural ruby, considered an exceptional treasure was set in a majestic cocktail ring, surrounded by 10 top-quality diamonds.

It fetched the world record price per carat for a ruby, which it still holds to this day.