Les merveilles collection


The new technique in jewelry design focuses on the pursuit of the purest light reflection in diamonds.

In a feeling of magic, ‘Les Merveilles’ technique allows precious stones to seamlessly sit aside one another, almost touching, giving the appearance of floating with little to no metal visible. This setting allows for an uninterrupted ow of light from one gem to the next, enhancing and magnifying their brightness. Requiring the utmost precision in workmanship and gem selection, it is the result of over four years of research and experimentation.

The iconic piece of this collection, ‘Les Merveilles Creoles’, marks the starting point and inspiration for Boghossian’s never-ending quest for innovation. The sophisticated nature of this process is highlighted by the graceful diamonds earrings in the shape of an elongated modern hoop, which shine vividly and with a soft fluidity against the face. ‘Les Merveilles’ setting allows the piece to render the iconic shape even more memorable through this unique artisanal technique.  With diamonds set on all four sides of the earring, light refracts in every direction showcasing the gems at their very best.

‘Les Merveilles Drops’, are also set with gems on all four sides. Available in a number of colourways, from classic white diamonds to deep blue sapphires and soft amethysts, the elongated modern shape of the drop creates a contemporary understated elegance.

Also part of this collection are the Merveilles Rings. ‘Les Merveilles’ mounting allows for rings to be completely set inside out around the finger of the wearer, creating an intimacy of hidden treasures as well as magnifying the central gem they carry. The technique not only showcases the brilliance of the centrestone but those of the surrounding.