Historic Jewellery

The most memorable Boghossian pieces

Boghossian’s history has been shaped by many memorable masterpieces. A rare deep-blue gem brings striking contrast to a ring. A design pushes the technical boundaries of jewellery craftsmanship and highlights the thrilling audacity of the brand. 

The oriental inspiration of a pendant evokes the spirit of timeless wonder… All moments when masterpieces become history.

In a daring interpretation of a classical piece, old mine diamonds adorn a shoulder brooch, turning a jewellery design from the past into a unique and bold creation.

Fabulous diamond bracelet, both incredibly graceful and outstandingly daring in its design.

A necklace of eight large yellow diamonds of extreme rarity takes its design inspiration from plates dating from the Mughal empire. The gems can also be worn as earrings.

Uniquely patterned "gota de aceite" emerald and natural pearl earrings, adorned with a long hexagonal prism diamond shaped in an extraordinarily rare manner.

Spectacular Mughal-inspired pendant featuring a 40 carats Natural Ceylan Old mine sapphire inlaid into a tulipe-shaped opal. A masterful creation of thrilling setting.

A magical display of intricate workmanship, this necklace is a shivering mesh of varrying shades of yellow diamonds, woven with more than 3000 links. In this revolutionary construction, gems gently move when the woman breathes.

Grandiose ring set with an extremely rare deep-blue diamond paired with two lively Burma rubies. An absolutely incredible marriage of contrasts.

Exceptional Jewellery

The Masterpieces are the most extraordinary creations by Boghossian, surrounding women with a mesmerizing aura, transcending their very essence.