The Creative Director

Edmond Chin, Boghossian's Creative Director, mesmerizes sophisticated private collectors, continually pushing further the artistic and technical boundaries of jewelry design and craftsmanship.

Each of Edmond's creations is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, very often inspired by his long-time interest in art, a passion he shares with Albert Boghossian. His long collaboration with the family and their fascination with the marriage of Eastern and Western cultures provides a rich source of ideas that are transformed into mesmerizing ornaments for women.

What is most unique about Edmond's personality is his experimental attitude, his refusal to be held back by convention. Avant-garde, always ready for challenges, he is thrilled to create extraordinary and unusual pieces, which perfectly relates to Boghossian's story and philosophy. Many of Edmond's pieces are conceived to express movement. They are designed to live on a woman and to move gracefully along her body, in a true symbiotic relationship.

Edmond's brilliant concepts, embellished with rare gems, capture and transform light to surround women with a mysterious aura. His intuitive understanding of precious stones allows him to attain the distinctive excellence of his visionary creations, a blend of intrinsic quality and timeless beauty.

The stone speaks to me.
That's my starting point.
I'll look at it, hold it, touch it and it will
Inspire me.

Edmond Chin