Family Heritage

The Boghossian name is rich with more than a hundred years of deep-rooted knowledge in precious stones and fine jewelry.

Based in Geneva, the Maison Boghossian was established in 1868 in Mardin. Today a Unesco World Heritage site, Mardin was once an important township for Armenians on the Silk Road.

Ovannes Boghossian began his career in the midst of Mardin's flourishing commercial and cultural scene by making jewelry for the local community and visiting merchants. Ovannes handed down this tradition to his grandson, Ohannes. Like his father and grandfather before him, Ohannes journeyed far and wide, on horseback or on boat to Aleppo, Beirut and Cairo, on a ceaseless quest to purchase pearls and diamonds, and to trade with other jewelers and merchants.

Robert Boghossian, Ohannes' eldest son, made his first trip to China as early as 1950. He was able to negotiate and secure an excellent source of fine pearls, which enabled Boghossian to become the leading supplier of natural pearls to the Middle East.

In 1960, the family moved to Beirut, a sophisticated, cultured city known for its Riviera-style glamour and deep appreciation of luxury and artistry. By 1975, Jean, Robert’s eldest son, had acquired an extensive knowledge on precious colored gems through his travels to India, Burma, Thailand and Colombia and to the world's premier gem-cutting and trading centres.

He then decided to relocate to Antwerp, where he established himself as a specialist in emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Boghossian quickly became the key source for these precious stones and was to amass an impressive private collection of rare gems, catering to some of the most important gem collectors.

By 1980, Albert Boghossian, Robert's second son, had joined his brother’s business and opted to settle in Geneva, which would soon become the headquarters of the Maison. Thanks to the highly skilled and specialised ateliers and an ever-growing list of sophisticated and demanding clients, Albert, with his two nephews Roberto and Ralph, began to experiment with jewelry craft-techniques such as the 'Inlay' and the 'Kissing' techniques.

In families with a jewelry tradition,
new generations tend to keep the status-quo.

We are thrilled to challenge ourselves,
we like combining modern audacity with boldness.