Boghossians history has been shaped by memorable jewelry creations, combining rare and exceptional gemstones with unique designs.


Inspired by a 15th-century German manuscript, the bracelet is adorned with rare colored diamonds and natural pearls. The intricacy of this jewelry piece has required great technical knowledge and very sophisticated craftsmanship.

It took Boghossian ten years to assemble the colored diamonds and a further 18 months to produce the finished piece. It is a fine example of Boghossian's exceptional gemstone setting.

The Boghossian Manuscript sold at Christie's Magnificent Jewels May 2018 auction in Hong Kong, holding the record for the most expensive colored diamond bracelet ever sold.


Designed by Edmond Chin for the House of Boghossian, the Palmette Necklace comprises eleven perfectly matched Colombian emeralds, each with a no clarity enhancement certificate. Emeralds are almost often enhanced with the application of various oils. Being able to find a matching layout of several Colombian Emeralds without any type of enhancement is truly unique. The exquisite design, using a repeating palmette motif and white diamonds as spacers for the stones, recalls the ancient roots of this gemstone in the near east.

The Palmette Necklace sold during Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong in May 2017, breaking the record price for a 'No-Oil' Emerald necklace. This is the first of such necklace to appear at auction. A rarity among rarities.


The Boghossian family came across this precious gem in Asia and purchased it from an important royal family in 2000. It originated in Mogok, Myanmar, a key source of the highest-quality rubies in the world. It holds exceptional color characteristics (vivid pigeon-blood, rated 9 out of 10) and weighs 15.04 carats. A natural ruby from Burma of this size and quality is very rare and is considered an exceptional treasure.

At Christie's Jewels in Hong Kong on December 2015, it fetched the world record price per carat for a ruby, which it still holds to this day.


The necklace designed by Edmond Chin for the Maison Boghossian, features a line of twenty-eight perfectly cut and matched Colombian Emeralds of unsurpassed quality, all completely natural each with no clarity enhancement. In addition, it is set with diamonds and jadeite.

Each emerald was hand-selected by Albert Boghossian and sourced from the famed Muzo mine in Colombia, home to the greatest emeralds, known for their unsurpassed colour, lustre, clarity and size.

The Boghossian Emerald and Diamond Double Riviere sold during Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong in November 2020, breaking a new record price for a 'No-Oil' Emerald necklace after being fetched by the Palmette Necklace in 2017 and completing a new milestone for the Maison.

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